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We Are Different

We are a team of agents who are dedicated to service, education, innovation and analysis. Traditionally, Realtors were the gateway to information, now that information is available to everyone with an internet connection, our value is in our analysis, education and advice. You need more than just the facts, you need those facts analyzed and a plan created with your particular goals in mind. Through this detailed analysis, we provide you real options so you can make the best choices. We are educators, innovators, marketers and expert negotiators.

We primarily serve the Falls Church area. We live here, our expertise is here, so we focus here. We’re a small team with a very focused mission on serving our community. Unlike most teams, our efforts are not spent on trying to be the biggest, our efforts are spent on being the best. We don’t run from Waldorf to Woodbridge, like many area agents, spreading ourselves too thin and under-serving many clients. We prefer providing fewer clients stellar service. Our clients, in turn, realize better results than the ‘factory’ model of most teams and brokerages. Our happiness is derived from your satisfaction, not the size of our paychecks.

Our service commitment includes service to the community. Our staff spends at least 5 hours each, every month on charitable activities. Whether it’s helping senior citizens ‘age in place’, contributing to our schools through PTA, caring for abandoned or abused animals, or adopting highways and keeping our environment beautiful, we set aside time to give back to the communities we serve.

Let’s Go House Hunting
Educated Innovative Service
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I would like to tell you how easy this process has been so far, thanks to the spunk and expertise of Amelia Robinette.  From the original home inspection to the final settlement, Amelia has been thorough and expedient, drawing on her familiarity with our neighborhood and the housing market in general.  We felt comfortable from the very beginning, both with her honesty and experience.

When I first received, yet another, letter from a realtor asking me about my townhouse after I took it off the market, I started to toss it out like all of those I had previously discarded. I am so glad that I didn’t. This letter from Amelia really WAS different. Although I was not quite ready to sell my townhouse, after talking with Amelia I realized that this was a great opportunity that had virtually fallen into my lap. I was able to sell my townhouse at market price without the hassle of preparing it for open houses and showings, and I saved the 3% fee I would have had to pay a seller’s realtor. Amelia was great to work with, she was very responsive, patient, thorough, and most importantly, honest with our interactions. She was as helpful as possible to me, while still working in the best interest of her client. Amelia clearly understood what her client was looking for, and she went above and beyond to find it for her. I would highly recommend Amelia to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a property.

Mary Beth

Dealing with Amelia as a fellow realtor was a great experience. She is very responsive and overall just a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her again as a fellow agent.


We were first-time homebuyers, and Amelia was very helpful. She kept us informed well in advance of anything that was due, and took care of several things behind the scenes. She also helped us negotiate things in the inspection process which were more than we would have known to ask for. Great experience.

Eric and Mary

Amelia truly is fantastic. She really cares about you and will go out of her way to help you make the best and most informed decisions. This is my first home purchase. I started out completely in the dark about the process and what anything means. Amelia took the time and explained everything and helped me with each step. I’m learning a lot from this experience and I’m so happy to have Amelia on my side during all of this. She has gone out of her way to help me make the best decision for me.


Before contacting Amelia, I knew absolutely nothing about buying a home, but she did a marvelous job of never leaving me in the dark during any step and explaining everything in a way that someone with no real estate or home buying experience could understand. During this whole process I never once thought she was not the right fit for me or that she did not have my best interest at heart. Even though buying your first home can be a terrifying process, Amelia has a way of reassuring you that everything will work out in the end. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better realtor, and would never think about going to anyone else.


Out of all of the agents & brokers that I work with, Amelia Robinette shows unmatched professionalism when working with her clients. Time after time, she is able to exceed her client’s expectations whether it be finding a home, or selling their home. I give my strongest recommendation to Amelia, and would absolutely work with her to manage my real estate.

Amelia was such a great adviser for us. Provided all the information we needed to find our perfect home and negotiated an amazing deal. We’re so happy here!

The Smith Family

Amelia Robinette is a fantastic real estate agent. We are currently working with her to sell our home as we are moving out of state. She has been incredibly helpful in working around our schedule and needs. She recognizes the pros and cons of each offer and situation and is clear with her recommendations that will best meet our needs. I highly recommend Amelia as a professional agent to get the job done.

Allison & Family

“Your attention to detail and tireless pursuit of our best interests was second-to-none. We will never forget your help and hard work…”

Kyle & Donovan

We’ve made a handful of moves and real estate decisions the last 10 or so years. Every time we consider anything that has to do with our home and the wealth tied to our home, we contact Amelia. She does the most amazing research, disseminates the data and analyzes it specifically for our situation. When you work with Amelia, you’ll get thoughtful, carefully considered choices. You’ll know your options and she’ll never push or pressure you to do anything that’s not in your best interest. We’ll continue to look to Amelia for all of our real estate needs, and continue to recommend her whenever we have the opportunity.

Mike & Jen

We really appreciate all of your help all along the way here. You have been the best partner we could ask for.

Dan & Becky

The Details

We guarantee to save buyers money on your purchase and for sellers we’ll guarantee a sale price, or credit our commission back to you

You receive a free, no-obligation, in depth data analysis that is tailored to your needs. Anyone can copy and paste a chart from a reliable source, or pull a list of homes from the MLS, but what you need in today’s world of information overload is someone who will disseminate all that data and provide you an individual analysis. Data is useless unless it can be interpreted into something actionable.

This is the key to every successful relationship. We communicate with you on your terms and keep you abreast of every detail using automated systems as well as real live conversations. We demand that all of our partners employ the same methods. You’ll never feel alone or in the dark when you’re working with an NVHH agent.

We use a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional marketing. We stay on the pulse of new technology and whenever a new tool is developed, we invest in that tool to benefit our clients.

We will never push to save a deal that doesn’t make sense for our clients. “Save the client, not the deal” is a mantra we practice every day.

We eliminate the hassle. We’ve developed relationships with experienced trusted partners that we will recommend. Unlike most Realtors and brokerages, we:

  1. DO NOT have any marketing agreements (for example, an agent promises to send a certain amount of business to a loan officer and that loan officer pays for an agents website or marketing materials)
  2. DO NOT own any portion of any other company (for example, many brokerages and larger teams have ownership interests in settlement companies or marketing agreements with them)
  3. DO NOT provide or receive any kind of kickbacks from contractors
  4. DO NOT receive discounts or ‘credits’ from Home Warranty companies

In Virginia, once an agent or client agrees to Dual Representation, they are restricted from advising either party. This is an excellent way to make a lot of money, but it does not serve our clients well, so we won’t do it. Many agents who provide Dual Representation either don’t understand this or simply ignore it, to the detriment of both parties and in violation of legal and ethical standards.

Uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings. There are many things in real estate that are technically legal, but not ethical. We will never cross that line.

We genuinely want to help individuals and families find their place in the world. Yes, we do this for a living, but most of us have choices to do jobs that make us happy. Our happiness is derived directly from your satisfaction, not from the size of our paychecks.

The operations and agents at NoVa House and Home are all about efficiency and quality. It’s not a pipe dream to expect both from your agent. Our experience, training, expertise, and most importantly our results, prove this to our clients each and every day. We promise to never waste your precious time.

We Are Here to Help YOU find Your Dream Home! 


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