ALEXANDRIA OVERLOOK$350,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 4

ANDALUSIA ON THE POTOMAC$1,875,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 9

BACKYARD BOATS$1,625,000, 3br/4.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

BEAUMONT$419,000, 2br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 5

BEAUREGARD HEIGHTS$545,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

BELLE VIEW$320,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 6

BEVERLEY HILLS$980,000, 2br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 17

CONDO AT ISLAND CREEK$424,000, 2br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

D EVEREUX WEST$475,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

DEL RAY$1,575,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 6

DUKE GARDENS$535,000, 3br/1.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

ENGLESIDE VILLAGE$550,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 7

GROVE AT HUNTLEY MEADOWS$535,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 18

HAYFIELD VIEW$495,000, 2br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

HERBERT SPRINGS$2,953,000, 5br/4.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 5

HOLLIN HALL VILLAGE$725,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 12

HUNTINGTON AT MT VERNON$535,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

HUNTINGTON MEWS$699,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

HUNTINGTON WALK$199,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 6

ISLAND CREEK$519,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 12

ISLAND CREEK$599,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 15

KINGSTOWNE$675,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

KINGSTOWNE$749,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 16

KINGSTOWNE$559,950, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 21

LINDEN GARDENS$795,000, 2br/2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

LOFTY OAKS$899,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 21

MANCHESTER LAKES$529,000, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

MARY LEA PARK$1,100,000, 7br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 5

MT VERNON ESTATES$610,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 7

NONE AVAILABLE$798,000, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

NONE AVAILABLE$1,195,000, 2br/3ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

NORTHAMPTON$295,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 15

OLD TOWN$2,000,000, 4br/5.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

PALAZZO AT PARK CENTER$350,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 7

POINTE AT PARK CENTER$252,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 5

POTOMAC YARD$1,095,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

ROBINSON LANDING$1,445,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 7

ROSEMONT PARK$849,000, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 18

SEQUOYAH$225,000, 2br/1.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 7

SHIRLEY FOREST$590,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 13

SUNNYSIDE$720,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

THE ROYALTON$579,900, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: May 12

VILLAMAY$1,150,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 14

WELLINGTON MANOR$889,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 6

WOODLAWN MANOR$685,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 13

WOODLAWN MEWS$339,900, 2br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 4

YATES GARDENS$1,150,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: May 6

YOWELL$865,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: May 5