Home Sale Preparation

Home Sale Preparation 2018-01-29T16:23:59-05:00

As with any project, the up-front preparation work is the best way to sell a home quickly and for top dollar.

An NVHH agent can come to your house and help you with a preparation list, this usually takes 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the size and condition of the home.

Here are some cheap projects you can do on your own that will pay you multiple returns on your investment.


This is the number one project you can do yourself that affects the value of the property.

Scrub everything from top to bottom, once you clean, keep any strong smells from cooking, pets, diapers or anything else that has an odor. Neutral smelling houses sell more quickly than houses with questionable odors. Beware of being Nose Blind. Have a neutral party check it for you.

Clean and scrub around washer/dryers, furnaces, workshop areas, garages – every inch of the property. This gives buyers the impression that it is a well-cared for home. Even if they don’t specifically notice dust bunnies, they subconsciously take note of dirty spaces.


Update old light fixtures. Vintage high quality pieces should stay, talk to an NVHH agent about choosing the latest ‘on trend’ fixtures.

Change all yellow lightbulbs to bright white (highest wattage for the fixture). Most people don’t enjoy living in bright white light, buyers will get a ‘feel’ of a bright space. Buyers most commonly list “bright” as an important criteria in a new home.


Remove items from all surfaces. It should look like people don’t actually live there.
Recaulk all fixtures, tubs and showers. Be sure to remove the old caulk first.
Purchase and install a new shower curtain liner and new neutral or no patterned shower curtain.


Replace cabinet pulls, your NVHH agent can give you advice about what “on trend” pulls to choose.
Replace outdated light fixtures.
Remove curtains or any items that darken the room.
Consider painting outdated cabinets.
Consider upgrading appliances, your NVHH agent can advise you if this is necessary.
Remove 50% of all items in cabinets or on shelves – people will look in the cabinets.


Remove curtains.
Remove any crowded or heavy furniture, your NVHH agent can help you decide what should stay or go.
Remove any personal items, ie baby pictures, wedding pictures, non-neutral artwork.
Remove 50% of all knickknacks, books or other items on shelves.
Clear all surfaces, your NVHH agent can help you decide which decorative items can stay.
Hide any wires, cable connections, remotes and other clutter.


Remove curtains.
Remove any crowded furniture.
Remove 50% of all items in shelves.
Make beds with light colored coverings.


Professional staged homes, on average, sell 30 days faster than unstaged homes.